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In my time of need, I felt as if I had no one who would listen

In my time of need, I felt as if I had no one who would listen to me or who I could trust. When I turned to the Legal Firm of Comstock and Wagner, all my doubts and legal issues were put at ease. If you’re looking for someone to respond and listen to your needs, then the team of Comstock and Wagner will be the right choice for you.

– Former Client

Comstock & Wagner saved my family

Two thumbs way up! Without a doubt, Comstock & Wagner saved my family.

– Former Client

An incredible understanding of divorce law

Ms. Comstock has an incredible understanding of divorce law. Prior to retaining Comstock & Wagner, I had never used a lawyer before, and was more than a little nervous to do so. Marie clearly explained the whole process and really put me at ease. She is the best of both worlds: a skilled negotiator when settling cases, and a zealous advocate in the courtroom.

– Former Client