Marriage is a road you travel with a partner, but that doesn't mean that divorce is a road that you must travel alone. The right divorce attorney will serve as your guide and advocate through this unfamiliar and sometimes threatening terrain.

Family law and divorce involve not only legal issues, but financial and emotional ones. In order to reach the best possible resolution of your divorce, you need an attorney who can explain your legal options, respond to all of your concerns, and advocate effectively for your interests.

Divorce Attorneys Serving California's Central Coast

At Comstock & Wagner, divorce and family law are all we do. Our attorneys are California board-certified family law specialists who have demonstrated broad-based and comprehensive experience in the practice of family law, in addition to meeting other stringent certification requirements. We are well-positioned to help you navigate the issues you may face in your divorce, including:

  • Spousal Support (Alimony)
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody and Parenting Time
  • Property Division, including division of significant or complex assets
  • QDROs
  • Domestic Restraining Orders

Just as every marriage is unique, so is every divorce. At Comstock & Wagner, we help you to identify what you need from your divorce and advocate for you to get it.

California Divorce Options

In California, you have options as to how to end your marriage. If you have been married less than five years, have no minor children together with your spouse, own no real estate and few other assets and debts, you may qualify for a simplified divorce process called a "summary dissolution." Your divorce can be final in as little as six months and may not require appearing before a judge.

If your marriage does not qualify for summary dissolution, you can go through a more standard dissolution process which begins with filing a petition for divorce. During the process, you and your spouse may reach agreement on the terms of your divorce which will be memorialized in a Marital Settlement Agreement. If you do not reach agreement, your case will go to trial on any unresolved issues.

Experienced Santa Maria Divorce Attorneys

At Comstock & Wagner, we are well-positioned to help you negotiate to agreement in your divorce. In addition to advocating for clients in settlement negotiations, we also offer alternative dispute resolution services (ADR), including mediation.

Of course, strength in negotiation comes from knowing you have alternatives if negotiation does not produce the desired result. Our attorneys are also skilled divorce litigators with decades of experience in courtroom advocacy.

Comstock & Wagner is conveniently located in a private building with off-street parking near the courthouse in Santa Maria. The firm represents clients throughout the central coast of California, including Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo.

If you have questions about California divorce, we invite you to contact Comstock & Wagner to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you.