Comstock & Wagner — Santa Maria, California Family Law Attorneys

Comstock & Wagner is located in Santa Maria and serves California's Central Coast. The firm dedicates its entire practice to family law matters, including divorce, custody, and support. Our attorneys are board-certified California family law specialists committed to helping you resolve your family law matter favorably, with as little stress and expense as possible.

Board certification means that our attorneys have passed a difficult written examination and have devoted a significant percentage of their practice to family law matters for at least five years, in addition to ongoing continuing legal education in family law and receiving favorable evaluations by attorneys and judges familiar with their work. We maintain this level of skill and training so that we can advocate effectively for you, helping you lay the best possible foundation for your family's future.

At Comstock & Wagner, our focus is on your needs. We strive to offer not only professional excellence, but the personal attention and service you deserve.